Ultrasonic Testing


 South Florida Hydro Testing utilizes Digital Waves UE29 ultrasonic  examination machine, for testing at the speed of sound. This technology  allows us to test cylinders without removing the valves allowing us to  have a fast turnaround time.  

Hydrostatic Testing


 South Florida Hydro Testing Corp utilizes computerized hydrostatic  testing systems capable of testing high pressure cylinders up to 10,000  psi in a high production environment. All cylinders are inspected  visually and hydrostatically according to 49CFR180.205, and all  applicable CGA pamphlets.  

Eddy Current Testing


 South Florida Hydro Testing Corp utilizes the Eddy Current inspection  system. Professionally competent visual inspections are a key element in  the proper maintenance of gas cylinders, with the inspection of neck  threads being an important part of this process. Eddy Current testing  identifies 100% of small imperfections such as hairline cracks and folds  in the neck/shoulder area of aluminum   cylinders. 

Valve replacement


 South Florida Hydro Testing Corp can insert new valves and repair neck leaks. 

Cylinder Blasting


 South Florida Hydro Testing Corp offers cylinder blasting to remove old  coats of paint and provide the tester a better view of the clyinder  condition. 

Cylinder Painting


 South Florida Hydro Testing Corp offers complete cylinder reconditioning and refurbishing to make your cylinders look new again.